Timber Moulding

At Artists Realm we only use timber mouldings sourced from Australian and international suppliers.

Frames are referred to as mouldings in the industry and are purchased in lengths. Using the most modern and accurate machines we carefully cut, mitre and join your frame to ensure its finished size matches your design specifications.

We are constantly monitoring local and overseas trends and upgrade our sample board regularly to ensure we have options that meet your expectations.

We are excited with the recent opportunity of providing our customers with the beautiful Bellini Fine Moulding range.

 “The Bellini range of frames have been handcrafted in Italy with the the use of such materials as gold leaf, sterling silver and olive veneers. Bellini fine moulding represents not only the most beautiful frames in Australia, but the world and we are confident the end consumer will be impressed with the range. Artists Realm have a reputation of producing the highest quality of craftsmanship, which now compliments their range of unique designs.”
Andrew Steinborn
Bellini National Sales Manager




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